Tumblr and TV, anyone?


A long, long time ago (my freshman year of college) I ran a little blog over on Blogger called A TV and A Girl after encouragement from a professor that we should start a blog, any blog, just to get writing. So I did, and I kept writing for a while (quite horribly actually). My friends mocked me regularly, calling me avatar girl (because that’s what the URL looked like)–but I got quite a lot of hits after creating a tutorial for a Glee hairstyle on YouTube. That was also pretty horrible.

But I’ve missed writing about TV (a lot)–so that’s why this blog has had a fair amount of posts on Dance Academy, Bunheads and Breaking Pointe. I’ve wanted to create a blog about TV for a while, but I know it would be too much of an additional pain to handle–not to mention the fact I have pretty eclectic tastes and don’t have cable TV. But with me watching a ton of Netflix the past few days and not getting into the studio or running, I’ve really wanted to start one.

So my simple solution is to start a Tumblr blog for now since it’s easy. involves a lot of reblogging and I already spend a fair amount of time on Tumblr looking at TV stuff. Maybe move it eventually if I really enjoy it and since I have the hosting account anyway.

It’s called “The Girl Who Watched TV” (after “Doctor Who’s The Girl Who Waited”.) If you’re on Tumblr, let me know what your blog is, and I’ll follow you.

Have you ever wanted to create a blog on a completely different subject?

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