Intrigue Dance & Performing Arts Center

1937 S. Archer. Chicago, IL 60616

Intrigue Dance has classes for all ages & abilities, including ballet for adults just starting out. They offer Novice Ballet twice a week as well as Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced ballet – all for adults. They offer pilates, stretch/strengh and yoga classes in addition to modern, jazz and tap.


Kathleen, who teaches the Monday night Novice is class is great. She works with students to help them learn how to feel what their body is doing. She takes time to explain each movement and step. You won’t get a very intense workout from this class, but you will start learning how to do the steps. Only once has there been anyone younger than college age in the class.

(She is also great and working around injury and stresses not pushing through pain and limits).

I wish the class was a full 90 minutes and that the studio had its adult classes participate in recitals (and that it was closer than an hour train ride).

9 out of 10.

Mary Fran Wiley

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