Hot Chocolate 5K Recap

As you might remember, I was a brand ambassador for the Hot Chocolate 5k, and I wrote two posts about it: here and here. I was given free entry into the race, which happened this past Sunday.

I haven’t run much at all this winter/spring for two reasons: the weather has been absolutely freezing and I’ve been focusing on ballet. I wasn’t even planning on running the Hot Chocolate race, but I figured I should give it a shot after HQ and I went on a fairly successful run last Wednesday. My plan was to walk/run most of it.

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Rough Week Behind…Rough Week Ahead

I didn’t make it to ballet class this past week at all, something that I’m not really happy about. I am glad, however, that it wasn’t due to injury.

Thursday morning on my way to work (for which I had left early) I got hit (mostly in my back) by a random woman outside a subway stop. I was fine–just really terrified. While she didn’t really injure me at all, my shoulders were really stiff for awhile afterwards.

So I ended up going home for the day and chilling out. I also ate a lot of donuts and mac and cheese. Comfort food for the win. But I didn’t end up going to ballet that night. I was debating going to the Saturday morning class–I even put my leotard on and everything, I just ended up being really tired and still a little bit sore.

Fortunately, I was able to make it out running a couple of times and I got some strength training done. I’ll also be making up my missed day by working more days this week–so that probably means less blog posts, although I’m trying to get HQ to write a post about what he thought about PA Ballet’s show we saw this weekend. In addition,  I’m going to try to make it to ballet this upcoming Thursday but work may hinder that from happening.

What’s your February been like so far?


A Job and Lessons Learned

I’ve been away from this blog a bit for a few reasons: last week I started working 3-days a week at my job (wahoo!) and it’s a bit tough mentally to be writing about ballet when you can’t actually do ballet. I’m still going to try to stick to about 3 posts a week–although I might not reach that goal until after the New Year. Normally, I’d prepare some posts, but seeing as how I’m a writer and we’ll also be doing the same thing for our publication at work I can see it not exactly happening.

It wasn’t until last Monday that I learned (for certain) that my internship was being extended into a part-time job. I’m super excited–although it made getting blog posts up for last week tough especially since I was struggling with some annoying headaches all week long (which getting about 3 hours of sleep Monday night will do to you).

Now for a stress fracture update–the end of this past week was the first time my legs truly started to feel better–probably because I stuck to wearing sneakers from Thursday on. It’s tough to do sometimes (especially when I do occasionally need to dress nice for work), but for now my best option is to be wearing sneakers as much as possible.

This week, I’ll have the usual Friday profile as well as a guest post on Wednesday from another elf, Renee, (from #Elf4Health) on running. We’re supposed to be sharing our expertise, so I’ll be over sharing about ballet on her blog! I’m also going to try and fit in both a 2013 recap and 2014 goals in the next few weeks too.

In addition, I’ll be starting a professional writer blog/resume website too, so stay tuned for that!

What has your December been like?

Updates, Updates, Updates–I’m almost PT free!

Why hello there!

I feel as if I’ve been awfully busy lately, between work and freelance work and Physical Therapy appointments and haven’t been updating on here as much as I’d like.

Finally, after about a month of PT, I should be just about good to go. I had my last appointment last Friday, and as long as everything still feels okay this week (my PT is supposed to be calling at some point this week to check in)–everything should be great. I have to go see my ortho again at the end of this week too–well actually a different ortho doctor considering my old one switched offices–but at least this one now is much closer!

I’ve been back to my (almost) full-on ballet schedule for about three weeks now which consists of two classes a week and it feels great–although sometimes it’s really tiring since I haven’t been in class a lot. We’ve been working on a Nutcracker combination in class that focuses on some of the steps we’ve been learning at the barre and center–which has been a lot of fun, but I can’t say I sad to see it go as we’ll be working on something new this week. Two weeks ago I was really exhausted from work and ended up having a terrible ballet class where I completely messed up the combination and got really frustrated with myself for messing it up. Luckily the week after I had two good classes in a row where I felt like I did really well.

The last step in getting completely back to ballet is to add Monday classes back . I thought about going this week but then I completely forgot about it until it was too late!

In other news, I’m still not running as much as I used to. I ran for about a week and a half when my PT said it was okay, and then I twisted my ankle (while walking–not running) and haven’t ran since. The cold isn’t helping to motivate me, but hopefully I’ll be back at it soon with more of a free schedule.

What has your ballet life been like lately?

PS. The studios have all been moved over to this URL, but if you notice something is broken–let me know! I was having some issues uploading them. If you’d like to add a studio, email me at

We’ve Moved!

If you’re reading this, then my process has been successful! I’m still in the process of figuring stuff out, but for now, the majority of posts and other resources on this blog have been moved over to We’re still accessible at

I’m still in the process of getting followers moved over from, but that should happen shortly and everyone who was receiving an e-mail update should receive one with the upcoming posts, but this one might not make it.

If you were subscribed to my posts via WordPress’s reader, my posts should still show up in your reader as an RSS feed. I’ll be testing this out shortly and crossing my fingers that it works.

I’ll have another way of subscribing now too: feel free to subscribe via MailChimp, where I’ll send out a weekly newsletter with the news and posts from this week.

The good/awesome news is, I’ll be at an awesome 2 day workshop this week with Girl Develop It Philly to learn the ins and outs of WordPress so that I can make this blog even more awesome.


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