Check out these core workouts to help improve your stability + more for ballet!

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Adagio Tips from Ballerinas by Night

I’ve shared a lot of allegro tips lately, so here’s some adagio tips!

Guest Post: Inactive Recovery

5281539131_7b6bd70ed3_zInactive Recovery. Two words that can drive me in to a melt down that challenges any a toddler can throw.

Because it starts as nothing.  It stats as twinge after class. A little extra ache after a long day. So you take a few ibuprofen and maybe cut down a class or two. But it’s not helping. In fact, it’s getting worse, from a nagging little thing to a searing pain any time you jump, or do a little too much walking. It hurts when you’re doing nothing at all.

So you go to your doctor. He suggests more rest, more ibuprofen, and to let your pain be your guide. But what he doesn’t understand is that you are a  warrior, you are an athlete. You push harder, work harder and live with pain daily. You welcome it. It’s proof that you’re working hard enough.

But it’s not getting better. This time there are x-rays, and a walking boot, to slow you down. So you do the math, and start calculating how to use the rest of your muscles without using that one part of that one leg. You’re swimming and doing crunches, because those seem okay.

You’re still going to class, and just trying to hide the injury. If your teachers find out, they might not let you take class. That would be the worst. Because you just made pointe. Or mastered a decent pirouette. You’re not ready to admit defeat. You’re careful not to limp out of class, and don’t cry until you get to your car.

You don’t tell your friends, or write about it on social media, you don’t want word to get out. You don’t want the sympathy, or the empathy, you want to be back in the studio, working.

So you go to your doctor again. You discuss your fairly vague diagnosis, something about a tired tendon, and over use. Something non-specific, and there’s only one real treatment plan. Inactive recovery.

Inactive recovery means doing nothing. Inactive recovery means not fighting through it, but accepting and embracing the fact that the best thing you can do is nothing. Sit more. Walk less. There’s no war, no challenging choreography to cover, no death defying physical feat. There is nothing to do but wait.

And it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done as a dancer.

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Blog Roundup: Ballet and Barre-Related Workouts


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Summer Internship Program with ABP

internshipprogramABP is looking to offer a 10-week internship program (although possibly running longer for interested candidates) for two to three writers. I’m looking for people who have some experience with dance (but all levels are welcome) and are interested in blogging and journalistic writing (no experience necessary!).

Responsibilities include:

  • Pitching, researching and writing at least one article a week (how-tos, interviews, roundups).
  • Taking photos for articles or finding photos via Creative Commons or other stock services.
  • Creating social content for a variety of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) for your own posts.
  • Reaching out to professionals, instructors and adult ballerinas for interviews.

Possible additional tasks (if interested):

  • Participating (and/or helping to host) 1-2 Twitter chats over the summer if interested in gaining social media experience.
  • Helping manage additional social media for Adult Ballerina Project.
  • Writing one or more “blog” style posts a month detailing personal dance experience.

Criteria to apply:

  • Dance experience (preferably ballet) of any level, from absolute beginner to experienced.
  • Experience with WordPress and Google Docs is a plus, but not necessary.
  • Open to undergraduate students, graduate students or recent college grads ages 18-26. All majors are welcome. (Those who are looking to contribute but are out of this age range should check out our contributors’ page — we’re actively looking for people who are interested in all of the above!)

What’s in it for you:

  • writing, interviewing and social media experience
  • flexible, remote internship (perfect for combining with another job/internship)
  • possible college credit (depending on your college’s requirements)

Please note this is an unpaid internship, and you should expect it to not fill up more than 4-5 hours a week. Currently, I expect to make posts due on a weekly basis by Fridays at 5 p.m. eastern time, although changes can be made depending on your schedule.

If interested, please email your resume, a writing sample, and a brief email explaining why you are interested in an internship (no cover letters please!) with ABP to Interns will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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