Forum? Facebook Group? More Twitter Chats? You Decide!

I’ve toyed around with the idea of having a forum on Adult Ballerina Project for a while now (we even had a baby one for a little while)–but I’m not sure how successful it would be. So I’m debating starting up a Facebook Group for all the ballet dancers out there to chat, share their stories and their blog posts–but I wanted to check to see who would be interested.

So let me know by voting in this poll (and leaving some notes in the comments!) about what you’d like to see most, whether it’d be a Facebook group, a Google+ Community (which does already exist), more Twitter chats (we’ve had a few) or something entirely different!

Calling all adult ballerinas, runners, and my bloggers!

I’m currently working on a slight re-branding here at Adult Ballerina Project (with hopefully a move to self-hosting this blog in the future–I know, this means more to me as it means I get to customize more). But don’t worry. I’ll still be posting about ballet (and running too). I’m just working on changing my mission statement and layout and re-organizing a bit.

I’m looking for people to interview and profile like I always have been (but I’m opening up to runners, ballerinas, and bloggers) as well as people who are interested in contributing (or guest blogging), whether it be a one time thing or a regular contributor.

Fill out the Google form here and I’ll get back to you with what the next steps will be!

Beginner Ballet Tips: Grand Plies in Fourth

Ballet class

(Photo credit: Oude School)

Grand plies in fourth position: yuck, right?

Okay, maybe you don’t have a problem with grand plies in fourth, but I certainly do. I’m always super wobbly while doing them. I realize that this probably has a lot to do with the fact my turnout needs a lot of work (my feet can look a mess in fourth position if I’m not being careful).

As it turns out, a quick Google search found a lot of people struggling with grand plies in fourth position, with a lot of them even questioning a need for them, as they’re kind of harsh on the knees.

Someone else recommended keeping a very small fourth position that allows you to really feel your turnout. Other people on the same message board recommended making sure your back knee doesn’t bend too far in, maintaining proper turnout, and keeping your weight equal on the same legs.

My goals for improving my fourth position grand plies will be both working on my turnout and strengthening my knees (from Dance Spirit Magazine). I’m already doing the squats from the knee strengthening post!

Do you have trouble with 4th position grand plies? Do you think they should be banned?

Note: I’m not a professional ballet instructor or fitness instructor, just sharing the notes I found helpful when I was looking for help for myself.

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