Ballet to the People

City Dance Studios
10 Colton St
San Francisco, CA

Classes offered: ballet, pointe

Description via Website: “Carla Escoda trained as a ballet and modern dancer at Ballet Philippines in Manila, with the Connecticut Ballet, and at Yale University, where she performed with the Yaledancers and received her B.S. and M.S. in Engineering & Applied Science with a double major in French Literature.”

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Carla is friendly, fun, and exceptionally intuitive to her students’ needs. She gives wonderful explanations and corrections that explain why moves/postures are the way they are, and why they need to be done a certain way to build strength or avoid injury. She also uses fun, non traditional music in the studio that brings a fresh beat to ballet!

10 out of 10


Inspiration for Beginner Adult Ballerinas

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Or anyone, really.

Watch this short (22 minute) documentary about the Alonzo King’s LINES Dance Center in San Francisco, California. It focuses on beginner ballet instructor Kathy Mata, who you can tell really loves her job and teaching beginners ballet. It’s great to see people from all backgrounds try ballet. What I really love is that Mata is in charge of a beginner ballet company, and they do 8 shows a year.

I really wish someone in Philly would do this. Does anyone know of any other studios that do?

(Thanks Legal Ballerina, for the link I stole it from your sidebar).

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